CSR Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility
Our duty

At Why Digital Media we understand that we have a responsibility to our local and wider environment, the community that we operate in and the people that we employ - we take this very seriously.

Here we will outline our three-tiered approach to a more ethical, ecological and socially responsible way of working.

Looking to the future
Protecting the environment

We are committed to understanding the impact our business and the services we provide have on the environment and taking steps to reduce this is always at the forefront of our thinking.

We want to do more than just comply with legal or mandatory requirements, we aim to set new standards to which others aspire.

As part of our environmental commitment we promise to always:

  • Print on paper sourced from well managed, sustainable forests
  • Use recycled materials whenever possible
  • Not sanction excess or unnecessary packaging unless it can be reused, refilled or recycled
  • Inform clients and customers of how to dispose of any marketing materials we distribute
  • Suggest conference calls whenever possible instead of travelling to meetings
  • Travel by rail when necessary instead of car
  • Recycling as much office waste as possible
  • Sourcing materials from local suppliers
  • Switching off all electrical equipment and lights at the end of a working day and not leaving any machines on standby
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Inspiring others
Promoting education

We believe digital technology has a huge role to play in the future of our local communities and the country as a whole. As a provider of cutting edge digital solutions we feel duty bound to educate and inspire the developers and programmers of tomorrow.

As part of our commitment to education we offer a number of initiatives including:

  • Work placements for college and university students
  • Live briefs for marketing and design students to build on their skill set
  • Subsidised marketing material to local community centres and adult learning groups
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A rewarding environment
Providing for people

We are in no doubt that our people are critical to our success. Because of this we feel it is our duty to inspire our employees so they feel their work is more than just a job. This begins with communicating our long-term strategy and aligning employees with our vision of making businesses more attractive.

We are committed fully to supporting our employees' health, safety and wellbeing. This commitment manifests itself in the following areas:

  • Embedding a collaborative working culture
  • Ensuring our people's safety, and promoting their physical and mental wellbeing
  • Engaging our employees and promoting diversity and inclusion
  • Realising the potential of our employees through development and training opportunities
  • Rewarding employees through competitive, performance-based compensation and benefits


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