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As an agency we refuse to act on whim and gut instinct, instead we use scientific fact and psychological insight to shape our strategy. It may not be the easiest method, nor the quickest, but it’s certainly the best way to ensure the absolute maximum return on your investment, and as we’re sure you’ll agree, that’s got to be worth waiting for.

Strategy that's as strong and robust as a double espresso

When it comes to attraction, marketing is a lot like dating. Good looks might be enough for dinner and a movie, but it's personality that gets you invited in for coffee.

The purpose of brand strategy is to help us define clearly the personality of your business so that we can position your brand in a way that your customers will find utterly irresistible. In order to do this, we must first get to know our clients and their audience a little better. Then, and only then, can we set about creating a platform, such as a website, from which we can market your business.


Brand Strategy
Psychology -
Now for the science bit…

Once we have determined who your target audience is we can then establish why they're attracted to you. In order to do this successfully we have to understand the psychology of your target audience, including the following psychological disciplines:

  • Motivation (key drivers)
  • Memory
  • Social influence
  • Science of persuasion
  • Laws of attraction
  • Emotion
  • Love and gratitude
  • Trust
  • Reward and recognition
Media & Channel Strategy -
A more measured approach to planning

One size fits all may be fine when buying a beanie to keep your head warm in winter, but if someone tries to sell you a media plan on the same principle, they're clearly trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

Our methods are much more measured: collating all of our research and translating it into a pinpoint accurate media plan and channel strategy based on facts and supported by psychology.

We provide full channel and media strategy for the following:
  • TV & radio
  • Press & outdoor
  • Online advertising
  • Viral advertising
  • Social media
  • Exhibitions & events
  • Guerrilla marketing
Brand Workshop -
An illuminating experience for clients and creatives

Run by senior members of the Why team, our brand workshops are relaxed and informal, designed to get you and your staff thinking and talking about your business via a series of fun and engaging tasks. It's an invaluable process that often proves to be as insightful for our clients as it is for us.

The workshop includes:

  • Target audience profiling
  • Competitor analysis
  • SWOT & PEST analysis
  • Ethos, history and long term vision of the business
  • Things you love and hate about the brand
  • And much more
Brand workshop
Brand workshop Brand workshop Brand workshop
Initial Research -
Keeping you on track for success

Research is to marketing as training is to athletes. Choose to ignore it and don't be surprised if you fall at the first hurdle.

This is one of the most integral stages of brand positioning, because the more you know about your audience, the easier it is to target them. By offering a range of research tools, each designed to provide new and unique insights, we are able to construct complex profiles of your customers. This enables us to shape your brand proposition to meet their exact needs. What's more, we can tailor our offering to match the specific requirements of your business.

This includes:

  • Mystery shopping
  • Industry journals
  • Reports
  • Credit history and success stories
  • Previous business mistakes and what we can learn from them
initial research
Surveys & Interviews -
Delivering unquestionable insight

Internal and external interviews are one of the best ways to gain a better understanding of how your brand is perceived. However you only have to look at some of the early auditions for the X-Factor to know that those closest to you can't always be relied upon for an objective opinion.

It's this "politeness bias" that prevents people from saying what they really think, but unless someone tells you what you're doing wrong, you'll never know how to improve. With this in mind we go to great lengths to make respondents feel at ease, encouraging them to be completely open and honest at all times when answering a mixture of qualitative and quantitative questions.


These responses can be harnessed to improve the business on many levels including:
  • Internal communications
  • Customer retention
  • Opportunities for new products and services
  • New ways to communicate
  • Pitfalls
  • Business planning
Market Testing & Focus Groups -
Helping you avoid any potential hazards

Ignorance is not bliss, far from it in fact. In marketing terms it's professional suicide. That's why market tests and focus groups are so important. They allow us to gauge the effectiveness of a new creative, to develop and evolve our ideas - accentuating the positives and eliminating the negatives, all of which contributes towards refining the brand strategy.

The market research will gather vital information such as:
  • Product or service demand
  • Customer base and their perceptions of your product, service and competitors
  • Customer purchasing behaviours including where and how they buy as well as prices they are willing to pay
  • Your competition
  • How to maximise your USP potential
  • The most effective marketing methods for your company
Market Testing
collaborate with us
collaborate with us
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