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Web Design Is Becoming Simpler!

Recently we have seen a shift in the way web design is being carried out by a large number of web design companies. The first thing we have noticed is that a lot of web designers are implementing a blog-style approach to their web design. Sites such as Word Press, Blogspot, Twitter and others have used a simple, bold and unclutterd layout in the design of their web sites for a long time now. These sites receive a huge amount of traffic and surfers have become used to this style.

The reason this approach has become so successful is because the pages are focused on a small number of elements and thus are easy to look at. When you view a web page created like this your eyes see clean presentation and are drawn to the content that is being promoted. Having lots of elements on each web page used to be the trend, but this only made the pages harder to look at and made it more of an effort to understand.

Another benefit of the less is more web design approach is that the web pages load much faster. Heavy use of large graphical elements and flash have been reduced and this in turn provides a quicker response time from the web servers. If your web server has to push out  a lot of content which uses a large amount of bandwidth, and can put a greater burden on the system, it reduces the web server response time. With the Google Caffeine update a greater focus has been on the speed which your web pages are served and this has a direct relation to your rankings. Sites that load faster will have an advantage over web sites that are sluggish.


As well as the graphical elements, pages that have less elements on them such as many parts that are driven by a database will have to spend more time accessing this data before the web page can be sent to the users browser and this increases the response time. Using a more sparing design for your web pages reduces the work the server has to carry out before it can send the HTML to a browser. Again, response time will be reduced.

So, a combinaton of focusing the web design so that it makes a more pleasant and less taxing experience, along with an effort to reduce the response time of a web page is what we are witnessing in the current web design climate.