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Do Banner Ad's Work in Web Design?

 Should You Invest Money Into Banner Advertising?

Banner ads are a well established medium for displaying marketing for a wide number of products and services across the Web. How successful they are depends on the following factors:

  • What web sites the banner ads are placed on.
  • What web pages within the website display the ads.
  • The size of the banner ad.
  • The content of the banner ad. (Graphics, colours, animation, call to action.)
  • The cost of placing the banner ad either as Pay Per Click (PPC) or set fee, in relation to the conversions you obtain. In other words the Return On Investment (ROI). 
  • Preparation of your website to convert the click-throughs.

Taking these factors into account, you can see that the process for ensuring that your banners ads work should be a meticulous one. Your first port of call should be to do some research. Taking time to browse the web and look for banner ads that relate to what you are going to be advertising. You will soon build up a picture of what grabs your attention and what does not. You could ask a group of people within your organisation what they like and/or dislike with these banner ads.

With this basic ground work in place, the next phase is to develop the concept of the advert. This involves the graphics, colours, animation, call to action and size of the advert. It is well documented through studies that banner ads of 468 x 60 pixels get more click throughs than other sizes. Also, studies have shown that bright colours, animation that catches the eye and a call to action such as 'Click Here' improve click throughs.

Once you have completed your design phase you should once again do some user tests to see if your banner ads obtain the correct response. If not, go back to the drawing board and refine your ideas and designs further. Keep repeating until the banner ad is right. Finally you need to place the banner ads on websites that receive the right traffic, and where the users are the most receptive to your product and/or service. Demographics of web users should be obtained from website owners, allowing you to cherry-pick the best places to place the adverts. The right demographics need to be assessed, along with the cost of placing the advert in order to calculate the ROI. It is best to do some testing on one or two web sites so you can get some realistic proven figures for this. If your initial trials go well then you can roll out the banner ads on a larger scale.

The whole process can be a time consuming exercise, but if done correctly, will be worth its weight in gold. Of course you may not have the time, expertise or man power to do this. In these circumstances you can employ an online marketing company to do that for you. Why Digital Media are experts in banner ad creation and networking so you can be sure that we will work with you to improve sales generated online.

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