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Dolphins or People?


Using the Dolphin system everyday made me think that if we would name our amazing software after them then they must be pretty cool. So I thought as a web development and web design agency associating themselves with Dolphins, it would make sense to know all we could about them and then share it with you, because we all love Dolphins.

I have put together a few facts that I thought were particularly interesting and, because we have our own Dolphin, have related some of them to us at Why Digital Media.

  • Non-Human persons! It has been suggested by some scientists that due to their unusually high intelligence they should not be compared to other animals but instead should be seen as non-human persons.
  • Dolphins use a technique called echolation to communicate, navigate and find food. They often make signature whistles that identify themselves within their pods and communicate more effectively.
  • Dolphins can swim up to 260m below the oceans surface and can stay for 15 minutes under water but need to be at the surface to breath.
  • A common feeding method with Dolphins is called herding. The pod of Dolphins will force a school of fish into a bait ball which members of the pod take turns to plow through and feed on the fish.
  • Like humans Dolphins have very few natural enemies. We don’t want to brag; but our Dolphin system is in a league of its own and is as far as we are concerned, unrivalled by most. Saying that, because it is so good we probably have started gathering a few enemies.
  • Dolphins establish strong social bonds and display culture which has often been thought of as a trait belonging to humans and other primates.
  • Learned behaviour. Dolphins have been known to teach their young to use tools, just like we do at Why Digital when you take on our advanced, easy to use Dolphin Content Management System. The software is so user friendly that, as is swimming to Dolphins, it will soon be innate behaviour.
  • The brain of the bottlenose Dolphin weighs between 1500-1600 grams whilst the average human brain is said to weigh between 1200-1300 grams.
  • Dolphins have over 37 species, including and, unknown to many, the Killer Whale which is only called a Whale because of its size and shape in comparison to other Dolphins. There are only 1 and a half versions of our Dolphin. The half being the Dolphin Lite for clients wanting fewer functions but with the same high quality web design.

Dolphin CMS

Using intelligent, efficient software is vital for any web design agency and their clients. Having read these facts about Dolphins you can now see why we chose to use the name to represent our Content Management System. If you would like more information about the Dolphin content management system then please contact us today on 0844 474 0100.