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Link-Building to Increase Your SERP (Search Engine Ranking Placement)

Link building

Needless to say, the number of sites on the World Wide Web has increased incalculably in recent years. With the adoption of online media, especially by large corporate companies, we have seen online trading become one of the most fiercely competitive retailing channels around. A few years ago your website content alone could place you on the first page of search engine sites like Google. This may still be true in areas that are very new or have very little competition. Not so for fashion retailing, electronics, consumer services and the property industry, to name but a few.

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Google — which receives the vast majority of online searches — needs to keep finding innovative ways to be able to give websites importance, and then rank them. That is why content (which is still seen as the king) is closely followed by quality links which point to your website: these are  the two major factors that give you plus points and help you to be at the top of the search listings. 

Inbound links act as a vote to your website. Just as when you vote for a political party at a general election, if Google sees a link pointing to your website from a quality, related website, it gives you a point (a vote). These votes are then taken into account and along with the score it gives you for your on-site content you are given a total score. The websites with the highest total score appear at the top of the search results pages.

You may be thinking:  'OK, all I need to do is place as many links as possible on the Web and I am bound to get to the top'. WRONG!

In the early days that is what websites did;  but Google are just as interested in quality as you are: they introduced highly sophisticated filtering processes to counterbalance such crude machinations, which could place sites at the top of a search even though the content was rubbish. That is why Google introduced filters to work out the quality of the inbound links. Links that are placed on unrelated web sites provide little if no benefit to you. Links that are placed on SPAM link websites/directories can actually lower your score and lower your place in the results. Also, 'keyword spamming' where you use the same keywords in all links pointing to your web site is seen by Google as trying to fabricate votes to your site to increase your score and place in the results. You will be penalised for this.  

In effect, link building must not be seen as artificial (where you are trying to manipulate the votes). If Google sees that 'vote rigging' has taken place, either by too many links appearing all at once or where all the link text seems unnaturally similar, you will be penalised, if not removed from the results.

It is of the upmost importance that when a link building campaign is carried out it is done correctly so as not to trigger Google's systems and demote your web site.


So: what to do, in order to carry out a bona fide link building campaign?

Well you can do it yourself if you are certain you know what you are doing. Also it takes a lot of time looking where to place links and correspondence with website owners to get them to link. Alternatively, Why Digital Media can carry out a link building campaign for you. We have systems in place and protocols in place to ensure our link building campaigns are carried out correctly, and we use only "white hat" (good) techniques. We have the skills to help you. If you would like some more information please contact us and we would be happy to talk to you about your link building needs.