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(the beginners guide) to a PRODUCTIVE DAY!!!

sleeping puppy

At the time of writing this blog I'm having a very unproductive day. After last weekend's over indulgence on yummy food and drunken fun and another one about to start all I can think about is how much a power hour nap would really help in getting me through the rest of the day.  

I know this can’t happen so 2 cans of coke later and a few too many sweets I'm thinking about how distractions (particularly my sleepy one) makes for unproductive use of time. On the internet there are loads of blogs/websites/articles giving tips on how to increase productivity so Iv’e had a read through them, tested out a few, and have made my own list (in no particular order) of the ones I think are the most useful...

1. Say no to emails!
Well not literally but do cut back on reading and responding as for most of us this is the ultimate distraction. Set yourself times throughout the day to check emails; something like once in the morning and then once after lunch before you settle back into work should be enough. This way you can prioritise the important requests and see what tasks can be done in a spare 5 mins or the following day.

2. Take breaks and not just ones for the toilet.
Getting away from your desk for 5 mins is the best way to get you out of a creative rut and refresh your brain. Alternatively for those stuck in an office chair all day doing a few Yoga stretches at your desk will help relieve tension and stress.

3. Make a task list.
Before leaving the office finish off your day of productivity by making a task list for the following day. This should start with the job you are least looking forward to so it's out of the way and then they should continue in importance towards the end of the day.

4. Get a plant.
Not only do plants and flowers make the office look nice but they can help reduce stress and cut down office pollutants making you a  healthier, happier employee.

Pot plant

5. Use computer shortcuts.
Not a major point but it will save sometime throughout the day that could be used to answer an email or do a small task that you have been productively/unproductively putting off.  

6. Track the time.

Making a note of how long each task takes makes you aware of your own efficiency and where you need to improve.  

7. Have music.
Silence can be deafening so having some background music helps keep you task focused and encourage those creative juices to keep flowing.

8. Being happy is the key to productivity.
It gives you more energy, helps make a more positive atmosphere in the office, increases creativity and generally just helps you make better decisions.

Thankfully I managed to turn my unproductive day around by writing this blog. Whether it was a sub-conscious distraction from my other jobs or a genuinely productive use of time I'm unsure, but now when I inevitably fall asleep at my desk for a few minutes at least I can say it was for blog research and won't feel so guilty.