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Men and Women - Gender Design

It is important again to realise your demographic in terms of gender first on some occasions. For instance in designing a Womens' Health site then the obvious appeal is going to be around attracting women, but this is a slightly different impulse to simply appealing to sexuality in a clichéd, traditional way.

Womens' magazines for example are vastly covered with aspirational imagery of women. Mens' magazines are concerned hugely with enticing their male audience with sexually appealing women. This leaves masculine imagery for the internal pages, or indeed for men themselves are consigned to specific knowledge based covers, where speciality criteria demand certain physical attributes to convey the message – for example political and health magazines will typically feature the kind of man the reader wishes to be. Simple stuff really! For any doubts check your sites sexual appeal: http://searchengineland.com/does-your-site-have-sex-appeal-13479

To get my own take on the subtler uses of colour and shape in psychology and attraction - see earlier blogs on the WHY site. So the overall goal is to have a clean, great looking website that (in context with the objective of the client) reinforces the rest of the content. This façade can also hint at wealth generation, especially with e-commerce sites and where appropriate, the site should guide naturally to other potentially exciting outcomes; the element of mystery if you will that is universally appealing and is why sex inherently sells.


Understated and clear in its signals but with hidden depth and mystery to come, a confident and attractive exterior (by enlarge your homepage) will not only create interest and appeal, but by utilising positive magnetism (sex appeal) and the understanding of how from this source, differing  attractive traits can help retain on-going love and appeal for your brand. It is worth thinking that in this world of magnetism and attraction, that ‘Like attracts Like’ – so if a re-brand leaves you confident you now have the right kind of look, other sites and business that you want to associate with are now easier to secure.


This is obviously fantastic for the development of links, cross-pollination of branding and exponential growth in future marketing.

For more on this, contact us at WHY Digital and Design Media so we can help you create these unique digital pheromones - a ‘web-scent’ that emerges from psychology and design, which leaves people happily parting with their number and coming back for more!