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The Internet is where it's at!

More and more business is being conducted on the Internet every day so having an online presence is more crucial than ever. If you do not have a web presence by now then what have you been doing? If you do already have a website then at least you are on the right track.

Consumers are spending more time on the Internet researching information and buying goods, and I'm pretty sure that this trend will continue for some time to come. Eventually online commerce will supersede the high street, because you can purchase goods at a reduced cost through retailers saving money by not having expensive store overheads. The consumer can also save time, money in travel, "save the planet" through not having to get transport to the shops, and incidentally avoid bad weather. People can spend more time enjoying themselves with family or leisure activities.

With this in mind, retailers need to ensure that while their high street trade may decline, they increase their online trade to compensate and even increase profit. Having a website that can deliver this should be something that you are focusing on now.

The first problem that needs to be overcome is that you have to obtain relevant traffic to your web site. It is important that your web design takes into account techniques that help your search engine optimisation (SEO). How your site page hierarchy and navigation is created can have an important part to play in this. Search engines read keywords in, and attached to, web pages, and your website should contain pages that have targeted keywords in them. Other important factors in getting traffic are using H1 tags, page titles and most importantly the actual content in your web pages. You should make sure your web design team are capable of doing this correctly, as these elements are your foundations.

Secondly, your web designers need to create the layout of the pages in such a way as to maximise your conversions from your traffic. Positioning key elements, making content easy to read, and allowing easy navigation are basic things that will go a long way to achieving this.

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The key is to ensure that whoever you use to create your web design you do your research, as this is one of the most important decisions you can make. A good web designer can make or break your online business. Don't waste your time and money. Get recommendations, testimonials and even contact some of the websites that have been created by your prospective web designers. It will pay dividends.