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Why is SEO Important to Your Business?

Have you ever wondered how valuable it is being on the first page of Google, let alone the top spot. Does an investment in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) provide a good Return on Investment (ROI)?

Well, the facts suggest that if SEO is done correctly it can have a significant impact on your bottom line. A couple of days ago Chitika, a search based online advertising network released figures about the value of a listing on Google. The figures were based on a sample of 8,253,240 impressions during May 2010.

The first important fact is that the first result in Google gets as many click throughs as positions 2-4 combined. Chitika said that the top spot delivered 34.35% of all traffic in their sample which is nearly as much as positions 2-4 combined, and more click throughs than positions 5-20 together.

The second fact is that position 10 gets 143% more click throughs than position 11. As you are probably already aware, position 11 would put your web site on the second page in the Google results with 10 being on the first page. Most users will have found the information or product / service that they need from the first page of the results with no need to go to the second page. The table below gives information from Chitika as to the actual click throughs by position.

Google Result Impressions Click Through %
1 2,834,806 34.35%
2 1,399,502 16.96%
3 942,706 11.42%
4 638,106 7.73%
5 510,721 6.19%
6 416,887 5.05%
7 331,500 4.02%
8 286,118 3.47%
9 235,197 2.85%
10 223,320 2.17%
11 91,978 1.11%
12 69,778 0.85%
13 57,952 0.70%
14 46,822 0.57%
15 39,635 0.48%
16 32,168 0.39%
17 26,933 0.33%
18 23,131 0.28%


As you can see, the nearer you get to the golden position of number 1, the amount of traffic that you receive to your web site increases dramatically. If the average spend of your visitors is £0.50 then the difference could be:

Position 1
2,834,806 visitors in May
2,834,806 x £0.50 = £1,417,403

Position 2
1,399,502 visitors in May
1,399,502 x £0.50 = £699,751

Position 5
510,721 visitors in May
510,721 x £0.50 = £255,361

Position 10
223,320 visitors in May
223,320 x £0.50 = £111,660

There is a huge difference in the fortunes of the web site at position 1 and that at position 10. Position 10 would earn just 7.88% of the web site at the top position. So, I hope you can see that just one or two places in the Search Engine results can make a dramatic difference to your business. 

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