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S.W.A.L.K - for anyone that wasn’t a complete loser in school and avoided graffitiying a pencil case or exercise book with every one you were ‘in love’ with or alternatively have never been the recipient of a smushy valentines day card you may not know what this means. It stands for ‘sealed with a loving kiss’ which is what we should all be doing when signing off any projects or tasks.

What is the main principle to stick by in any web design or web development? To make sure we KISS! I'm not talking about our colleagues and clients, well unless you want to, but it's not recommended. KISS in this instance is the design principle that encourages simplicity to be the key goal in design. Translated as ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’ the philosophy, should it be adopted correctly, will promote any agencies' creativity through making websites visually stunning, but using simple methods.

For the KISS principle to be effectively applied the end user should be one of your primary considerations. Landing on a site and having information overload is upsetting and most of us will bounce right off again. Using clear messaging and easy to navigate designs will interest and hold the attention of the user. Inputting the more technical elements of web design such as Flash can cause problems if users do not have the correct software or a slow, old computer. If it can be avoided do so, be creative!

Once we have KISS’ed our web design the obvious step would be to S.W.A.L.K. Signing off in this way doesn’t mean declaring undying love for your client just your love for the site. This will demonstrate your focus on attention to detail and, provide you with added value as a company for going that extra mile. Hopefully then your new site can start becoming ISO attracting new business that has a G.S.O.H and thinks you are OMG amazing and not LOL!


S.W.A.L.K = Sealed With A Loving Kiss

GSOH = Good Sense Of Humour

OMG = Oh My God!

LOL = Laugh Out Loud

KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid