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Add Sparkle To Your Web Design

Over the last few years the web design community has seen real improvement in Javascript frameworks that enable web designers to add exciting features to web sites. The frameworks have enabled web designers to speed up the time it takes to create a web site by incorporating pre built code either in the core framework or through plugins which can be developed by third parties.

Elements of web design such as animation and transition effects that used to be a laborious and time consuming task can be more quickly integrated into web sites. Not only do these frameworks offer a more rapid application development scenario but they use a code base that has been tested and i virtually bug free. Less headaches all round.

At Why Digital Media we are always researching web design practices, tools, methods and frameworks so that we have advanced web sites that function properly, are bug free and allow us to be the best web design agency. Below is a list of the five best web design Javscript frameworks that we think are available.

Javascript frameworksSome Good Web Design Javascript Frameworks

JQuery - JQuery is a solid and largely used Javascript framework. Packed full of functionality that simplifies event handling, animating, and AJAX interactions. http://jquery.com

MooTools - MooTools is another popular Javascript framework which is object orientated is aimed at intermediate to advanced web designers who work with Javascript. http://mootools.net

Prototype - A more developer focused Javascript framework with less plugins available than the two above but still maliable and i the hands of an experienced user can be powerful. www.prototypejs.org

YUI - An open source Javascript framework from Yahoo which provides utilities and controls to build interactive web sites. http://yuilibrary.com

Spry - Is a tightly integrated Javascript framework with the Adobe suite of web design products such as Dreamweaver and Flash and is owed by Adobe. http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/spry/