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Importance of a good CMS

A good content management system should be:

  • Simple to use
  • Easy to navigate
  • Not just made for the eyes of web developers
  • In keeping with your web design

Unfortunately this isn’t the case. It would appear, from experience and hearing the complaints, that unless you’re a tech geek, most CMS’s are pretty hard to use and very over complicated.

Below are a few points to look out for in a good CMS that will help you to get the most benefits, rewards and usability out of your investment.

1. Choose a CMS for dummies!

The purpose of a CMS is to edit a website from an administration panel - not to learn the science behind computing. A good place to start looking is for a clean, simple admin interface. If you ask for a demonstration and what you see is a straightforward, usable platform then the chances are you won’t have any trouble keeping your site up-to-date once it has been developed (as long as you have a good web developer like Why Digital Media!)

2. Credibility is key! 

It is irrelevant if the CMS provider you are looking at claims they have millions of users worldwide or just 7. All that matters are the user reviews of that product and whether or not they think it works effectively. Looking at testimonials and forums are the best way to get honest reports from real people who actually use the product on a day-to-day basis.

3. Check its functionality! 

Only choose a CMS that either has all the functions you require from the start or is flexible enough to be tailored to your needs. Hopefully this will mean you won’t keep having to pay your web developer every time you need to make an update, which will in turn make your investment more cost effective.

The benefits of a good CMS are endless. Most importantly being able to update the content on your website regularly will keep your web design and site fresh and interesting for both users to look at and search engines to optimise.

If you think your business needs a friendly, intelligent and efficient content management system then call us today on 0844 474 0100 for more information on our very own Dolphin CMS.