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Web Design First AIDA's

In a creative environment it can be easy to let ideas and thoughts fly all over the place and get thrown together into something that will probably look amazing but doesn’t always do the job its intended to.

Which is why in the studio we firmly believe in sticking to a few tried and tested formulas to make sure that even in times of craziness our creative flow is channeled and purposeful. 

The ‘KISS’ approach in particular is used by our team and not just on a Friday night (see ‘Why KISS websites’ blog). This principle ensures we keep all of our work simple and straightforward - the way it should be. Complementing this and making sure our work is as effective as possible we apply the AIDA rule of marketing.

AIDA is an incredibly useful tool that should always come first in creating marketing and promotional materials. It allows you to stay focused on achieving the best possible, targeted results for your clients.

For anyone that's not heard of AIDA it stands for –

Attention – attracting the attention of a customer with creative designs and generating awareness.

Interest – capturing the audience’s interest by showing them the benefits of your clients offering.

Desire – convincing customers that the product or service meets their desires, needs or wants more than the competitions.

Action – prompting customers to take action or purchase

By sticking to this formula we have created many successful campaigns for our clients that not only get them sales but generate brand awareness.