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Instantaneous exit talk from Instagram users

Instantaneous exit talk from Instagram users

Just when we were all starting to hop on board the instagram bandwagon, it seems that many of us will now likely be jumping ship.

On the 18th December, Instagram revealed a preview of their new terms of use policy, effective from 16th January 2013. Instagram users who’ve previously loved the platform’s sharing ways and polished finish have been voicing two key concerns with the new policy:

1. Users might find their photos been used in advertising

2. If user’s photos are used they will not receive any payment from them using it.

This was not a very popular decision at all. However Twitter has brought out its own version of the photo filtering service. This means the game is well and truly on.

Instagram has since apologized to its users today, saying it will "remove" language from its legal terms that would have let it sell users’ photos or use them in advertisements. Chief Executive Kevin Systrom said it's "our mistake that this language is confusing" and that the company is "working on updated language."

Check Instgrams terms and conditions hear.