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HOYS new website wins 'Best in show'

Well not exactly because it's not a horse but as far as web design goes it's pretty impressive! Our recently live HOYS Globetrotter is a social networking site for fans of The Horse of the Year Show. For those who haven't heard of it before Horse of the Year is a massive success story that has grown from strength to strength to being the pinnacle of the equestrian calendar.

Every year they hold a 5 day event at the Birmingham NEC. This years event dates are Wednesday 3rd - Sunday 7th October and will include an array of exciting shows and entertainment. The NEC has two arenas which, for the duration of the event, will be home to 1,500 horses, 1,400 competitors and an estimated 65,000 spectators. The HOYS show really is a fantastic experience for all.

With over 90,000 fans on their Facebook page it was vital that the concept of the site was based around engaging them in the most unique way. By signing up for a horse users can take their new toys travelling with them updating their profiles as they go with images and latest 'neighs' (thats news to those not in the know).

The site has already been filled with some horse travels and it looks like the HOYS horses are going to be getting quite a few air miles under their stirrups.

Click here to visit the HOYS website