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Workshop and Website for Amrec Recruitment

Specialising in IT and Engineering Recruitment, Leeds based company Amrec were looking for a digital agency who could provide them with a complete brand strategy. Through a series of workshops and by working in close collaboration with each other, we delivered them a concept and website that reflected their core values and service offering. 

By using our finely tuned Business Attraction Strategy we gave Amrec an online marketing solution specific to their target audience and the market in which they operate. This showed the company a clear vision for the future and the ways in which they could market themselves effectively.

The website was built into our advanced, versatile Dolphin 5 content management system that was tailored specifically to Amrec's requirements. One of the main feature's needed of the back office system was that Amrec could receive email alerts when new contacts were added to the database. This provided them with an efficient way of managing expectations and responding quickly to their site users. Being able to post jobs and news onto the site in real time was one of the key features that Amrec liked about the Dolphin system. 

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