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Website vs Web Presence

Website vs Web Presence

A website is no longer the one and only destination for a consumer researching a product or service. It may still be the end destination before purchase but there are now many more steps along the way.We don’t see the death of websites lurking on the horizon – Google search is still the first port of call for 75% of the market, and with 16,000 searches-per-minute in the UK, the website is still king.

However, there is definitely a real need for retailers to expand the reach of their websites, by getting to grips with more creative digital marketing as part of fuller, more integrated campaigns. 

It’s clear brands are revelling in the new technologies evolving at their fingertips. It’s great to see them really start to have fun with online engagement, but there’s a real danger here of the ‘kid in a sweetshop’ syndrome.

As apps and mobile activity are on the increase, along with social media campaigns and user-generated content, are people bypassing the brand websites that many retailers spend millions on? Are consumers content with just interacting with brands on Facebook or Twitter? 

•A survey by ad agency DDB Paris has found that as many as 40% of Facebook users who like a brand page during a campaign will ditch it immediately afterwards.