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Targeted ways to improve website conversions

Targeted ways to improve website conversions

SEO is more than just keywords. With a richer web and an increased battle for the top positions in the SERPs, focusing purely on keywords isn’t always going to get you the conversions you need. The keywords can drive traffic but they don’t always convert.

There are ways you can improve the user journey on your site. They found you through a keyword, but what do they do after that? Getting the customer to your site is only Step 1. Do you know how your customers convert? A good conversion rate is 3-4%, so how do we hit that target? Here are a few ways you can improve conversions.

•Calls to action adding call to actions such as ‘buy now’ or ‘call us’ encourages the user to stay on the site and shop around.

•Fast check out ensuring your checkout process has as few steps as possible is key in helping your customers to convert.

•Responsive mobile site studies show that 1/3 of people use the mobile web every day on Google, which is in line with mobile web growing by over 500% over the last 2 years.

•Referrals SEO is more than just keywords and if you can find a top quality relevant site, which could send traffic that actually converts, you’re on to a winner.

•Analyse Analytics providing you have goals set up, the goal funnel visualisation in Google Analytics is useful in determining the process your users go through to reach your required destination; which you can fine tune and tweak if you  notice fewer people are completing the checkout, for example.