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Why Digital Media swings Rishy Golf into a whole new digital world

Rishy Golf is a dynamic multi faceted online system ready to inject a wave of excitement into the world of golf. It allows millions of golfers from across the world to enhance their experience and delve into a whole new online world.

Why Digital Media are the chosen digital agency to develop this fully integrated platform's brand strategy and online presence. Its main purpose will allow PGA Pros, site members and non-members an array of benefits from increasing earning potential, discounted high quality products right through to tips, tutorials and tricks from the professional golfing community and more. Likewise, it presents commercially sound advertising opportunities for a mix of blue-chip and consumer focused companies and brands from across the world.

Lee Fella, Why Digital Media's Managing Director commented on securing this contract and said "These systems are what we love to develop on a daily basis as we take web development to its limits. Securing the strategic work around the brand, its positioning and direction has also allowed our entire creative team to really get underneath the bonnet and deliver maximum results for the client".

As part of Rishy Golf's USP is the all encompassing 'One Putt Competition' where golfers compete against each other as part of their normal game and register scores online.

Rishy Golf's creator, Peter Rishworth, who has been a PGA Professional golfer for 40 years highlighted the benefits of working with Why Digital Media and said "I needed a digital agency that could just hit the ground running and understood where I wanted to take Rishy Golf and i'm pleased to say Why Digital Media did just that. They made my ideas into a digital reality by talking me through stage-by-stage what needed to be done. The whole positioning process of the brand and how this would be done was broken down in simple bite size chunks my team and I could digest and understand".

To launch the Rishy online presence within an already competitive market a range of advertising placements and printed marketing collateral was also produced that supported all other on and offline marketing channels.

Rishy Golf online was launched on 1st March 2013 and can be found at www.rishygolf.co.uk.