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Fuelmate helps customers on the mobile move

For Rix Petroleum customers who are constantly on the move, Fuelmate mobile is a brand new website specifically designed to run on mobile devices. Customers can purchase fuel and other products using a Fuelmate account card that is widely accepted right across the UK, making it easy for customers to manage their purchases whilst on the move.

After ongoing analysis of Google Analytics and other online monitoring tools, it was clear that a high percentage of users were accessing the Fuelmate website from mobile devices whilst on the move using 3G.

Why Digital Media’s Head Programmer, Dan Rochelle commented and said "We live in a digital age where technology at our disposal can make the user experience so much more enjoyable and hassle free. More and more people these days want well designed and well functioning websites viewable on all types of devices. Adapting to this change in demand and culture can be a real challenge at times but I’m glad to say that we got the right balance reflecting the client’s needs.”

The mobile site compliments the main fuelmate.co.uk site and still offers all the key features for users to access and use efficiently.

Marketing Manager for J.R Rix & Son, James Brook commented and said "We are really pleased with the outcome of the fuelmate mobile site and the feedback we have received from customers so far is that it ticks all the right boxes. The user interface works really well even on smaller smart phones and all the essential functions the main site offers have been carried over to the mobile site. Why Digital Media have turned this around in such a short timeframe which is excellent as there has been no downtime for the business."

The Fuelmate Mobile website was launched in April 2013 and can be found here (Please note - To see the mobile site please view on a smartphone, mobile device or tablet)