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Why make Arts@Trinity a new creative look & feel

The Holy Trinity Church lies in the centre of Leeds. This Grade 1 listed building has been operating as a community arts centre for over 10 years where groups and organisations hold a range of arts events from concerts to exhibitions right in the heart of what is still an active church. With the latest edition to Leeds' already vibrant fashion scene, the new Trinity Shopping Centre has helped Arts@Trinity further establish itself within the creative art arena in Leeds.

As part of Why Digital Media's CSR work they have teamed up with Arts@Trinity to develop the organisation's brand through a new website, logo, colour palette and identity.

Simon Kevan, Director at Why Digital Media, commented and said "We are really pleased to have had the opportunity to work with the Holy Trinity team and partners to finally see this creative process come to fruition."

The new website will be launched later this month.

Watch this space....