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Why Digital Media helps Hopkins cook up a bite-sized mobile site

Hopkins has been producing high quality catering equipment for a range of industries for over 50 years. They combine the best modern technology with traditional craftsmanship producing high quality goods for a number of global markets.

As a reflection of the fast-moving global industry Hopkins serve it was no surprise when they instructed Why Digital Media to develop a mobile specific site for customers to access from right across the globe.

Website Manager at Hopkins , Angie Hardwick commented and said "Hopkins has always been a forward thinking, pioneering company striving to be the best within its sector. After investigating a range of online solutions that make it easier for our customers to browse our products, find out more about our business or simply catch up on Hopkins news a mobile site that worked on all platforms was the next obvious step."

There is a consistency of content between the mobile and the main site including the powerful eCommerce system allowing customers to make orders and transactions with speed and ease on all mobile devices.

Chris Nriapia, Why Digital Media's Digital Marketing Director commented on the new project and said "Working closely with the senior management team at Hopkins to determine the mobile site's flow and usability was crucial as the user experience was key to the mobile site's development. Understanding key drivers, such as British built, energy efficient, reputation and quality needed to come through the mobile site as it does with the main website."

The finished Hopkins mobile site is due to be released within July 2013.