Online Marketing

Delivering out this World Wide Web results

Online marketing is, without doubt, extremely cost effective. As a consequence it is also incredibly competitive, which means it’s no longer enough just to have presence. You need to grab your audience’s attention, hold their interest and then inspire them to action. We use psychological insight to find out what makes your customers tick, and then create an online marketing campaign that is perfectly aligned with the values and beliefs, helping you to maximise your return on investment.

Online Marketing
77% of the UK have Internet access

With an increasing number of these people choosing online media as their number one source of entertainment, it's little wonder that Internet marketing enjoys such unprecedented success.

At Why Digital Media we provide a range of cost-effective online marketing services that allow you take advantage of this trend. By helping you to understand why your customers are attracted to you, we can increase both the volume and quality of traffic to your site.

Online Marketing
Email Marketing
Delivering exceptional results

Quite simply, email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways of keeping in touch with your customers and warming up leads. What’s more – it’s infinitely measurable, so we’ll be able to tell you exactly what your customers respond to.

At Why Digital Media we don’t just rely on our design and HTML skills to get results. By following the AIDA rule of marketing we create email campaigns that consistently capture Attention, provide Information, generate Desire and lead recipients into Action. All of which ensures you receive the maximum return on your investment.


email marketing
Viral Marketing
Helping you to smash your targets

As a rule, you get what pay for in life. But like plates at a Greek wedding – rules are there to be broken.

Unlike traditional forms of advertising where the success of a campaign is often dependent on the size of your budget, virals rely on the strength of the creativity and ingenuity to encourage people to pass on your marketing message. This means that for a fraction of the costs, your message has the potential to reach an audience of thousands, possibly even millions. At Why Digital Media we have everything needed to produce your viral 'in-house', making it an even more cost effective online marketing solution whether it be a video clip, flash game, or SMS/MMS campaign.

Viral Marketing
Mobile Marketing
Keeping your audience engaged

For many of us our mobile phone is the last thing we see at night and the first thing we reach for in the morning.

For brands, mobile phones are a marketing dream: your audience is permanently switched on, impulsive and ready to interact at the drop of a digital hat. From bulk SMS, to 2-way SMS campaigns and bespoke iPhone and Android apps, our intelligent, targeted, cost-effective mobile solutions can make a real difference to the growth of your business.

mobile marketing
Affiliate Marketing
An introduction to the IT crowd

As any member of parliament worth their organic sea salt will testify; it's not what you know, but who you know.

The same can be said of affiliate marketing - using one or a number of websites to drive traffic to your own. Through our extensive list of affiliate contacts we will carefully select a number of partner sites based on their potential to deliver large volumes of traffic and massive conversion rates. There are lots of different types of affiliate marketing including SEO, PPC, email and voucher codes, all of which we'll be glad to talk to you about in more detail.

Affiliate Marketing
Web Banners
The future is now

Ten years ago, films like Minority Report predicted that outdoor media spaces would recognise us as individuals and tailor their message accordingly. While that technology may not have permeated the real world yet, in the online world, banner ads are doing precisely that.

Ok, so they don't call you by your name and ask how the family's getting on, but they are precisely targeted, so users only see the ads that are most relevant to them. Banners can also be placed alongside articles that are pertinent to your product, meaning the audience is already in the right frame of mind when they see your banner ad. All of this makes banner advertising incredibly cost effective, and while pricing strategies do vary, unlike traditional media advertising, it is easy to qualify the success of a marketing campaign by tracking the number of click-throughs. In addition, we can tell which one of those click-throughs turn into sales, so we can plan and refine future campaigns based on our findings.


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