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Founded in 1985, Watson Records has grown to become the largest supplier of fine classical vinyl records in the UK today. The company continues to prosper both locally and abroad, especially in the Far East, where it has exported thousands of records over the last ten years.

Through a creative workshop with Watson Records, a clear brief for an eCommerce online system was agreed. Using a simple, visual interface built onto a functional, easy to navigate online presence, made it easy for worldwide audiences to access products and order online.

A lot of consideration was put into the user experience of the website as Watson Records have a high volume of rare and vintage products where customers needed the ability to search quickly and easily.

Project areas include:

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Watson Records


Choosing a website is a difficult decision because you are unsure at the point of commitment how good the job will be or if it will look the way that you envisage. The team at Why did a really good job and were able to build what we had hoped for.  

The Dolphin platform is a fantastic way of updating the web site ourselves and is straightforward to use. Many thanks guys.

      - Alistair Watson, Director

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