Optimising your return on investment

We measure our own success by that of our clients, which is why we’re so passionate about SEO. Our team of Search Engine Optimisation specialists have many years of experience in helping companies get to page one of Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines, and we’d be only too glad to share that expertise with you.

Location, location, location

In terms of location, page 1 of Google is the Oxford Street of the eCommerce world. As you can imagine, the competition to get there is tougher than a casting call for Vogue.

At last count there were over 250 million websites online. By the time you've read this sentence that number would have grown by at least 100 more, which can make searching for your website as easy as looking for a turtle with a moustache.

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO as it is more commonly know, makes it easier for people to find your website by ensuring that it's ranked among the top results on search engines like Google. By understanding why your customers are attracted to you we can create targeted campaigns that promote your web pages via on-site and off-site optimisation into the higher organic search positions. As a result, your website will gain more exposure, more visits, and ultimately, more business.

Target Audience
Search Engine Optimisation
High-visibility websites

Whether we're building a completely new website or optimising an existing one, we carry out the same detailed analysis of competitor web sites and traffic volumes for certain keyword phrases. This allows us to develop a clear picture of exactly what's needed to achieve first page rankings.

Once that is established we then begin on-site (ensuring your website is built for SEO) and off-site optimisation (working with third party websites) to boost your search engine ranking.

Below are just some of the ways in which we do this.

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On-Site SEO:
  • Ensure content is relevant, well-written and constantly updated
  • Increase response time – because slow web sites perform poorly in search engine results
  • Develop the correct web site architecture so that the hierarchy and page names of your web site are optimised
  • Use relevant HTML elements such as H1 tags appropriately
  • Use Meta tags correctly
  • Cross-link content within your web site
  • Make content as easily accessible (shallow) as possible
Off-Site SEO:
  • Create inbound links from third party websites to relevant content on your website
  • Use social media applications like Twitter, Wikipedia, Blog Spot etc. to create external content which links back to your web site
Ensuring your website is a smash hit with customers

Search engine results are like the internet's version of the Top 40 – the higher you go, the more successful you become. So, if you want your website to be more Rihanna than Rhydian, you're going to need a solid strategy.

By combining well-known SEO techniques with a few secrets of our own, we can ensure your web pages achieve excellent search engine ranking positions (SERP's). Securing those top positions means optimising both the website as a whole and the individual products or services found within it. By focusing on each separate page and service we are able to deliver exceptionally high rankings for every aspect of your business, which will not only improve the volume and quality of traffic going to your website, but will also guarantee you a substantial long-term return on your investment.

Pay Per Click (PPC)
Turn it on / off, up / down

The unprecedented performance tracking and control offered by PPC makes it an ideal marketing platform for any business.

At Why Digital Media we can expertly manage all of your PPC requirements. From keyword to click to bid, we monitor and refine at every step on a daily basis. This helps us to develop a long-term strategy that ensures only the most relevant users end up on your site.

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collaborate with us
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