Tiger CMS

Tiger recruitment CMS is a
versatile, responsive package
that can be tailored to meet
the exact needs of any
recruitment agency.
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Named because of its reputation as a powerful and efficient hunter, Tiger streamlines a number of recruitment processes via a user-friendly interface that works seamlessly with your website.

With Tiger installed your website will become more attractive to both clients and candidates. That's because Tiger makes searching, uploading and accessing content quicker and easier than ever before – and all in real time.

Tiger CMS
Tiger recruitment CMS's advanced features include:
  • Separate client and candidate login areas
  • Recruiters admin panel
  • Job and CV manager
  • New job creation
  • Search candidates via sector, field, or date since they were added
  • Email job alerts
  • Account details
  • Job and application manager
  • Candidate profiles including their CV and personal details
  • Static content management
  • News content management
  • Order management
  • Blog content management
  • Events content management
  • Portfolio content management
  • SEO including meta tag management
  • Sector management
  • Field management
  • Image gallery management
  • Advert management
  • Image management (Upload, Resize, Insert, Delete)
  • Flash management (Upload, Resize, Insert, Delete)
  • Document management (Upload, Insert, Delete)
  • Powerful WYSIWYG HTML Editor
  • Automated site map
  • SEO
  • Map embedding
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